A modular sensor platform, enabling new ways of interaction by adding an intelligent layer.

Adding layers

Touch & Force

Combination of capacitive and resistive sensor functionalities in a thin layered form, providing a high resolution of touch and force sensitivity as well as approximation.

Deformation &
True Zero Readout

A unique material composition enables the deformation by keeping its continuous and interference free sensing functionality.

Modification & Implementation

Based on a modular platform principle, our sensor layers can be customized individually and implemented efficiently, in a huge variety of use cases.

Impact Proof &
Long Lasting

The implemented sensor layers work without rigid components, being flexible, force resistant and longlasting at the same time.

Technical Details

The Module Principle

Utilizing an innovative material composition, leading to a versatile sensor layer system. As a result, we are able to build individual sensor modules for every use case.

plyon pure

Encapsulated touch and force sensor for direct HMI interactions, integrated directly on the PCB.

plyon flex

Flexible and two directional deformable touch and force sensor for HMI applications and industrial grippers.

plyon stretch

Stretchable and three dimensional deformable force sensor for textile integration.

plyon performance

Reinforced touch and force sensor for demanding HMI and industrial applications.

The Platform Process

We want to build highly effective sensor solutions, together with you. Therefore we utilize our own platform process, granting the maximum output of every cooperation.

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